28 November 2007

Paved Paradise

Okay. So, I'll be the first to admit it. It doesn't take much to get any of us Gift Shop Girls excited.

I have been at Blue Willow for over 12 years now and we've been told for probably 10 of those 12 that we were getting the parking lot paved... Well, this fall (of course, the worst week of the year... week of Thanksgiving) it finally got paved!!!



Amazing what you can do with thousands of dollars, huh? :)

But, as much as we hated to see all those old trees go, and the old buildings out back... all we keep thinking is... YAY! NO MORE SCUFFED SHOES!! NO MORE MUDDY-BOTTOMED PANTS!! And not NEARLY THE DUST ON THE SHELVES!!!

By April or May, we should be looking out across at a new shopping village of sorts and a natural history/creation museum. So, should be interesting. (But, you can certainly understand why this song plays through my mind day in and day out!)


Mom said...

Looks good. The music cracked me up from the first note! You're too funny.

Mellie said...

We're coming over there tonight to eat. You'll probably be gone but I know this song will go through my mind when we pull up!

Jay & Michelle said...

AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to see it in person. I'm needing a few gifts so I'll see you soon :)

Michele said...

Oh, I am so happy as a customer! You get all dressed up, then have to walk in on all those rocks!

Your song is sooo funny! Good job.