13 August 2007

What's wrong with this 'picture'???

Tue Aug 14
Sunny 99°

Wed Aug 15
Sunny 103°

Thu Aug 16
Mostly Sunny 101°

Fri Aug 17
Partly Cloudy 100°

Sat Aug 18
Mostly Sunny 97°

Sun Aug 19
Partly Cloudy 89°

Mon Aug 20
Partly Cloudy 91°

Tue Aug 21
Mostly Sunny 92°

*And no sign of rain in sight!! And here, this week, I thought we'd get a little more back to normal and maybe see a little precip. But, boy was I wrong! All I can say (just as I did last August ) is: THANK GOD FOR WILLIS CARRIER ~ the "King of Cool"!!!


Mom said...

Hmmmm...looks like a cold snap coming in for Sunday. I may have to find my sweater. :)

Michele said...

Hey Jess, the commissioning is on Beth's blog!

Dianne said...

I know that's wrong with all this...it's just WRONG! :-)