19 August 2007

Terrible Two's

Dianne just posted her "terrible two's" the other day in response to her friend Kat's blog, so here are mine... Feel free to do your own!

1. Two Names You Go By:

2. Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
~Tank Top
~Crop Pants

3. Two Things You Want In A Relationship:

4. Two of Your Favorite Things to Do:
~Hang out with my niece/nephew
~I've gotten hooked on Variety Puzzle books lately!

5. Two Things You Want Very Badly At the Moment:
~Cool, crisp fresh Fall air!!!
~Some sort of direction in my life!? (Probably have a better shot at the Fall air!) :)

6. Two Pets You Had/Have:
~Sammi (my very cranky, on-her-terms cat)
~L'il Bit (my spunky young, hip, knock-you-over-friendly, loves-to-play-fetch (I promise!) and drive-Sammi-crazy kitten) :)

7. Two People Who Will Fill This out First:
~Jodi (?)
~Michelle (?)

8. Two Things You Did Last Night:
~Went to mom and dad's to visit with them and my sister's family
~Played with my I-Tunes, finding new great songs to put on my I-Pod!!

9. Two People That Live In Your House:

10. Two People You Talked To Last:
~Grandma Lu

11. Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow:
~Sleep in
~Catch up on my new bible study I'm already a week behind on!!! :o

12. Two Longest Car Rides:
~Actual longest was probably either our trip out to D.C. or when we drove out to Arizona?
~The one that SEEMED longest? ~ The one from Illinois when Mom was driving and I got so car-sick I actually threw up at the visitor's center outside in the bushes ('cause there was a line in the bathroom!)

13. Name 2 of Your Favorite Holidays:
~I LOVE Thanksgiving!!!

14.Two Favorite Beverages:
~Water (exciting, I know, but nothing quenches your thirst like good old-fashioned water!)
~Orange Juice (especially at night, with a little bit of chocolate!)

Thanks, Dianne for the fun post! :)


Jay & Michelle said...

I played!!!

Dianne said...

That's a great list, but once again, I had to giggle about the variety puzzles....I love those too! Thanks for playing along...great list!