02 April 2007

I just got tagged for the “Six Things Meme” by Jodi (www.jodiyork.com), so here are mine:

~ Name six things in your refrigerator.
1. Vanilla Yogurt
2. Apples probably too rotten to eat
3. Grapes I KNOW are too bad to eat
4. A swig of Orange Juice
5. Six-Blend Italian Cheese
6. Three Eggs

~Name six things in your freezer.
1. Two Freezer-burned waffles, I was just contemplating on eating tonight
2. Two Sausage Patties
3. Bag of Sweet Corn
4. Broccoli I had just been wondering how long it'd been in there?
5. Bag of Blueberries from last summer
6. Two definitely freezer-burned Ice Cream Sandwiches (how'd that happen??)

~Name six things under your kitchen sink.
1. Dishwashing detergent
2. Trash Bags
3. Cleaning Supplies
4. Empty vases
5. Flower Pots
6. A plethora of Target bags to be re-used

~Name six things around your computer.
1. Pictures of Family
2. Pictures of Boston
3. Mark Twain book of Quotations
4. Lotion
5. Jotted-in Notepad
6. Blank CD's to be burned

~Name six things in your medicine cabinet.
1. Mousse
2. Hairspray
3. Shea Butter Bar
4. Candle
5. Lotion
6. Thermometer (the only medical thing in there!)

~Name six things on or around your nightstand.
1. Books
2. Bible/Devotional
3. Old Picture of Great-Aunts as little girls
4. Lamp
5. Clock/Radio
6. Sentimental clothes I don't wear, but won't throw out (concert t-shirts...)


Di-dan said...

I read last night that you had been tagged and was eagerly waiting to see what you had posted since I think your sister mentioned you were single. I am too, so I was eager to see if you have the same things I do waiting to be used...or not used (!!)...and indeed you do! How funny!

jodi said...

No wonder you stay so skinny. If that was all I had to choose from in my fridge, I'd look like you and we could share clothes! :)