18 February 2007

A little time for rebuttal...

I would just like to take this opportunity to rebut a couple of my sister's more recent posts on her website: jodiyork.com .

In confessing one day last week, to eating her own flesh-and-blood's Valentine candy, she states:

I have a long history of this sort of behavior that dates back to the days when I would sneak my sister's halloween candy from under her bed (uh-huh, Jess, I did know where you kept it).

Now, I don't remember much about the Halloween candy - as I was never much on the whole Halloween, begging for candy from the neighbors thing - so I probably just didn't care what hodge-podgey junk she found from that hunt. I think I usually pretty much picked out anything I would eat that night and eat it all then! Because I remember distinctly, at Valentine's whenever we would get that big box of chocolate shaped like "I (heart) U", I would eat all I could handle as soon as I got it!! And then, all that next week (or more) Jodi would keep torturing me with her remaining chunks, saying "Gee, don't you wish you still had YOURS?..." Trust me, nothing good of mine ever stuck around long enough to make some stash under my bed.

The other post I would like to HUGELY rebut is this one:

Granted, this is Georgia and we were not in the middle of that huge blizzard that just cut through most of the midwest and into the northeast, but still, it’s cold here. Thirties and forties with the winds gusting. I’m over it already.
Yesterday I spoke to my friend Amy and we agreed that summer is the best season. And not just because it’s warm. While it is fun to grill out and eat together on the back deck, even better is that it’s light outside past 7 o’clock. By then the day has cooled off just enough to take a walk or play on the swingset. By the time the day has ended, the kids fall into bed exhausted, not to be seen again until morning.

OH MY GOSH how much would I like to rebut that one!!! There just aren't enough words. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate the heat of summer and cannot get enough of winter. Jodi and I have never seen eye to eye on this one. Which is fine... but it works for her... now that we live in Georgia and never even see so much as a flurry and it stays summer here about 9 months of the year! She's definitely acclimated (30s and 40s cold??? Ask the people in those blizzards what cold is, sister!) but I'm afraid I just never will. Matter of fact, I get worse with age. Last month, one cool 29 deg. morning as I was getting ready for church, I got so blastin' hot, I had to sling my door open and let the cool air in! And it felt SOOOO good! I will never understand why people would choose summer to winter. Never. Me, personally... don't care to sweat like a hog and feel suffocated as soon as I step out the door. I don't like to feel sluggish and drained all day long. I'd much rather have the fresh crisp air to breathe and to feel energized and get the chance to snuggle up under a blanket all cozy and comfy, listening to a cracklin' fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and watching movies or just the snow falling (a lot of this just going from memory, of course, since being sentenced to HotLanta!) ...
I guess we can't all like the same thing! But, I just thought somebody had to speak out on behalf of my beloved winter!! No offense, Sister... but you can keep summer!!! I'd actually rather you did!
(Sidenote: look at the kids in the pictures even... now, tell me the ones in the winter picture aren't having more fun... Matter of fact, it looks to me like the summer kids are just running toward the house to hit the A.C. and the ones in the water might be drowning?? Yeah... my winter kids are definitely having way more fun.) :)

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jodi said...

I have no rebuttal to your rebuttal on the weather. Summer rocks and everybody knows it but you. :)

Just kidding!

But for the candy...the reason I wouldn't eat that Valentine's candy is because it was SOLID chocolate. Blah! Give me the candy with stuff in it...like halloween candy bars...and I'll make myself sick eating it. But not solid chocolate. I throw that stuff away.

Not kidding.