03 January 2010

Living out Your Story

Read a blog post the other day (yes, I still read them, even though I’ve gotten quite lax about writing one…) that was an interesting take on the whole New Year’s Resolutions idea.

It comes from Donald Miller’s blog and he, being an author puts our lives in the perspective of a storyline, if you will. Each month, each year, merely chapters making up a larger life story.

I just keep thinking about my storyline and the direction it’s taken and perhaps the direction I’d like to see it take. Any possible protagonists or antagonists I have met, or may encounter along the way.

I already know the main characters and setting. But, what about the plot? The recurring theme? The tone? Is it a work I could be proud of? What could it be titled up to this point? What would I like it to be titled? How can I live my life in such a way that this title would be fitting?

Like I say… very interesting. And thought-provoking. And maybe it’s just me, but I know I’m going into this whole new year with a whole new outlook on my life. And who knows… maybe a year from now, I’ll be looking back on a whole new story.

“If we don’t want something in our lives, our stories feel boring, long, meaningless and tired. We feel this way because we are sitting in the theater of our mind watching a story that isn’t getting started. Or worse, we are praying and asking God to give us a story while the entire time God is handing us a pen, telling us to write it ourselves. That’s why he gave us a will.”

Is there anything you would rewrite about your life if you could (bearing in mind, you can only change the present and the future… not so much the past)? If so, what and how?


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